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Full Burner Kit
from 89.00

The burners are back!!!

Small Kit approx $115 US ------Large Kit approx $140 (dependant on exchange rate)

They are super adjustable and powerful, you can change the temperature infinitely at high temperatures by adjusting air/fuel ratio.

 Alec is using 2 x 1" burners in his forge, which has heated nearly 50lbs of steel to a white temperature! 

The 1/2" setup is perfect for a smaller knife making or beginner forge, and is a great way to start your forging journey.

The kit is supplied with a hose tail of diameter 9.3mm (0.370").

This product is sold as a kit, and we assume no responsibility for its installation and use, by purchasing either kit you are agreeing that you are solely responsible for the safe assembly of these components. If you are not satisfied with this, please do not purchase or return for a refund.

Please note: pictures are for illustration, and will vary slightly (different suppliers, same quality)

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