Forge Burners

Proud to be supporting the Alec Steele YouTube Channel!

Where it all began.....

So I am the farrier, the striker, the live show guy, the "Sam would you mind just grabbing ....." and now have microphone privileges!! 

I met Alec Steele a few years ago, a friend of mine told me to pay him a visit! Hell what a whirlwind of enthusiasm, knowledge and fun! We made a hammer the first time I was there, incidentally, it broke in half!! 

The journey began, I started going back more often, his character became addictive, not just his work (this was pre Alec "Damascus" Steele!!). I helped out where I could with building the workshop and other projects.

Where I am now 

I am playing a more active role in helping Alec to develop his business, pooling ideas and sharing pizza!  

I enjoy the growth of the channel as much as he does, and it genuinely means a lot to me, seeing how much people love it! And seeing some of my ideas come to life, is exciting (still no farriers hoof knife!!) 

I am also shoeing pretty much full time, but after being thrown on the floor and stood on twice in as many days, it makes you think about life choices, especially with a family!

I am also involved with  Equitotal / The Farriers App, which is an exciting project, and is really coming in to its own! I hope to travel the world promoting it!

Photo courtesy of Piston Photography

Photo courtesy of Piston Photography

Whats about to happen!!

As Alec's YouTube channel keeps growing, he doesn't want to divert any attention away from filming and editing. So I am taking responsibility for products that Alec endorses, and will be bringing more products in the future that people may find useful. With the help of Gameco in Australia, I will be importing burners in the first instance, and some more of there other cool products, and also have few ideas of my own to develop. If there is any products you may have, or want, be sure to send me a message.

All sales through this site, will directly support Alec's channel!! 

The future....

Help me create a vlogging channel of all my products and activities!